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Select courses that as are challenging as possible. Make sure you are on track to take enough years of: a language; math and science for college admissionů not just high school graduation! There is a difference...

Take practice PSAT if offered at your school. Work on any weak areas.
Visit local area colleges to begin to get a feeling for different types of campuses.

Start and maintain athletic/artistic bio
Collect clips, tape as available

Select and participate in sports/artistic camps/clinics based on sport(s) and/or activities of choice/interest
Select challenging classes that will track you for college admission/acceptance. Take PSAT. Remember, it's still for practice!

When selecting classes for fall semester of junior year, take the entire next two years into account. Make constructive plans for the summer.

Take SAT Subject Tests if appropriate.
Attend local college workshops and fairs.
Visit colleges when convenient to learn; not to make decisions.
Begin basic research on various colleges.
Take PSAT study class if appropriate and/or available.
Refine sports/artistic camps/clinic selections.

Update athletic/artistic bio.
Collect videotape if possible
Take PSAT for real this time!

Register for the SAT in January or March; register for the ACT in February, April or June. Take SAT Subject Tests in November if appropriate (language tests with listening subject tests are only offered on a limited basis).

Register for SAT Subject Tests in May and/or June.

Take the SAT and/or ACT. Review all results for targeted study.

Coordinate testing schedule with coursework and AP schedule.

Register for AP exams.

Create "brag sheet" and gather other appropriate information for teachers and others who will write recommendations.

Take AP exams in May.

Take SAT Subject Tests in May and/or June.

Finalize courses required for college study and select rigorous program for senior year.

Review results of standardized tests and register and prepare for fall retakes of standardized tests if necessary.
Take ACT/SAT prep classes timed to help for maximum preparation for the tests. Register with NCAA Clearinghouse for possible athletic participation in college.

Begin serious college research.

Attend local college fairs, information sessions and sessions with colleges visiting your high school.

Make plans for summer.

Visit colleges when convenient.

Schedule and attend one on one appointment for student/family/guidance counselor.

Review college guides; make primary list of colleges; plan itinerary for spring break and summer college visits.

Ask teachers and others to write recommendations, having given them the "Brag Sheet" for reference.

Review transcript for possible corrections.

Research and apply for scholarships.

Continue to visit colleges; talk with students/alumni; complete on-campus interviews if possible.

Narrow your list of college choices.

Send away for/download college applications.

Start working on college applications/essays as decisions are made.

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