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Seminars on Getting Ready for College

Extra Special Mental Preparation!

The first sessions are vital to getting you mentally where you need to be for the application and interview process (as well as for life). Our consultant has more than 25 years of experience in human resources, motivational speaking, executive coaching and communications. Using her philosophy, you will develop the attitude, communication skills, and the ethics of a successful applicant and college student. Participants will be provided with a platform to hear what is necessary, and to also practice and dialog about the specifics. What's the difference between arrogance and confidence? What's the difference between soft spoken and shy? What happens at a lunch, dinner or home interview? How do I act? And why is it important?

These sessions are geared towards answering your questions and preparing you and your parents/guardians in ways the run-of-the-mill seminars do not! You don't want to miss these sessions!

Getting into college is stressful enough! Join us and get that individual help you need!

Etiquette/Appropriate and Situational Behavior Refresher!

Not heavy handed or dictatorial! Explained with wit, wisdom and style, this seminar reflects today's changing lifestyle but also makes one readily accountable for observing and practicing appropriate situational behavior and manners. Taught by a local expert, this seminar takes the confusion out of what to do, when and where, for both student AND adult!

The Real Scoop on Financial Aid and Athletic Scholarships!

What's the real scoop on need-based financial aid? What do you really need to know before you fill out the FAFSA form? What paperwork should you and your parent(s)/guardian have prepared in advance? What about merit-based financial aid? Who awards it? What can I really expect from an athletic or talent-based scholarship? And what are the problems? Find out from experts with more than 25 years of experience!

And finally, Admissions!

Narrowing the final application process to a manageable number; how many applications are too many? How many applications are too few? Early decision vs. early action vs. regular admission? What to do? Test scores! SAT vs. ACT? Take one or both? Take how many times? Take subject tests? And when? What's important about extracurricular activities? How come some students with perfect GPAs and test scores still don't get into their first choice college? What can a student do to get better leverage on admissions? Narrowing down college choices…. When should I start to prepare? When should I start to worry? Practice guidance professionals stand ready to help you through the maze… and assist you in obtaining the "Passport to College Admissions!"

All of our staff and consultants are seasoned professionals; most with more than 25 years of proven experience in their specialized fields. Join us on the journey to college success!

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